Does your preschool let out for the summer?

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I have long been avoiding a certain reality this summer. I knew the time would come, but deep down I fancied that if I ignored the problem it would fix itself. But it didn't and the time has come, August has arrived and with it so has my youngest son Devon. Or rather he just doesn't leave because his preschool has let out for the entire month of August. Sure, Devon only attends school for three half days per week. But those 12 hours are the sum of my productivity abilities. During those 12 golden hours I work, plan, organize and breathe in a way I simply cannot when an almost three year-old is pawing at my wrists and or reaching for the keys on my laptop.

Last week my initial thought process ran along the lines of: how could the staff be so selfish as to want four consecutive weeks away from these small people? Don't they know that I have a life to run? Then my resentment turned to fear. How am I to deal with Devon every day for 31 consecutive days? Sure, I love him to pieces, but those 12 hours without him make those pieces all the more lovable.

Now that I have had a week to stew over the matter, I am finding some peace with the next month. I have accepted that I will not be terribly productive. We will spend more time at the park and in the sandbox. We will read more books and build more block towers to knock down in a Godzilla-like manner. We will go out for more ice cream and we will have more tickle fests. I will stress out about it from time to time, okay daily, but I am vowing not to let it get in the way of our fun. It won't be a bad thing, just a change in routine. If Devon can do it, then so can I.

At least I think I can do it.

Does your preschool let out for the summer? If so, how do you cope?

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