Hair color for a six-year-old?

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One of the best things about writing for Parent Dish, other than associating with all these great writers, is the feedback and comments I get from readers. Since I started writing here just over 6 months ago, I have benefited from the thoughtful and often brilliant suggestions I have received in response to my posts. Because of you guys, I have expanded my menu of easy dinners, stopped Ellie from throwing up on car trips, and decided that she won't be riding a school bus this fall. She still can't ride a bike, but I did convince her to cut her hair in a cute bob that we both love.

So, here's another question for you. It's her hair again. Why can't a six year old temporarily color her hair?

Ellie came to me recently and asked if she could dye her hair brown. Her natural color is a dirty-blond with a hint of red and I think it is beautiful the way it is. Of course I told her that she was absolutely not going to color her hair.
I mean, she is six - that's ridiculous, right? Then she asked me why she couldn't dye it temporarily - with the same non-permanent dye that I use to even out my color every few months. The stuff I use has no ammonia and doesn't damage your hair - in fact it makes my hair look shinier and healthier. Again, I told her no.

She won't let it drop. She doesn't understand how this is any different than the times we put temporary pink streaks in her hair. I don't know what the difference is either, but there is a difference, right? Maybe what I am resisting is the idea that she feels the need to change anything at all about her appearance. I want her to be happy with herself just they way she is. But she just wants to experiment. Why can't she temporarily be a brunette?

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