Homemade "match game" for toddlers

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I'm constantly looking for new ways to keep my daughter entertained during the day. At just-turned-three, she's not at the age where she understands how to play most games. But, I figured I could take a game from my youth and make it simple enough that she'd understand.

Also, if she didn't like it, well, I made it so it didn't cost me any money.

Here's what you do: Take a piece of large construction paper and cut it into an even number of pieces. I think I chose 12. Then, look around the house for stickers you can decorate the paper with. For example, I chose two puppy dog stickers to put on two different squares of paper. Another two had smiley face stickers and two more had stars. Once I ran out of stickers, I drew shapes, such as a square or triangle, that my daughter could recognize.

Then, once finished, flip over and you have a toddler-version of "Guess Who!"

My daughter loves playing the "puppy dog" game, even though she tends to want to keep flipping cards when it isn't her turn. I love letting her because it is helping with that memory we all know little people posses and is an activity/game that she's good at doing.


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