Metro-North Railway really does deliver

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The Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company in New York, commonly called, simply, the Metro-North, is a commuter rail system serving New York City, northern New York State, and parts of Connecticut. One of the rail line's slogans, found on posters on the train and in Grand Central Station, is "Metro-North Delivers". How right that is.

About a month ago, a very pregnant woman boarded an express train from Manhattan to Poughkeepsie with her young son. Conductor Guy Scalfani saw her, asked if she was okay, and decided to keep an eye on her. The woman disappeared for an unusually long time and when she came out, Scalfani was there. "She told me that she could feel the baby's head," he said. "I immediately tried to calm her and get her into the vestibule area. She suddenly fell into my arms."

Scalfani used the train's PA system to ask for help. "An EMT and a nurse aboard the train came rushing over," he said. "The woman was concerned about her little boy, but we assured her that a commuter was holding him and he was safe. In all honesty, everybody came and helped out." Scalfani told the rail traffic controller what was going on and they arranged for the train to be met by police and an ambulance.

"As the doors to the train opened, the baby was born," Scalfani said. "Once I was sure that everything was OK, I announced on the PA that Metro-North had a baby boy. The entire trainload of passengers erupted into cheers." I've heard that when necessary, New Yorkers are actually quite helpful; I guess this is a good example of that.

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