What do you substitute for milk?

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I knew pretty early that Nolan had a milk allergy. He seemed agitated when I drank a lot of the stuff when I was breastfeeding him, and I had my suspicions based on a line of lactose intolerance on my Mom's side of the family. Tentatively, I gave him a small sippy of whole milk when he reached a year and a few months, just a short time after I'd weaned him. That night, vomit covered his bed and he cried mournfully, clutching his stomach. I haven't given him milk since.

I was concerned about Nolan's calcium intake, even though small amounts of yogurt and cheese don't seem to bother him. At first, he enjoyed creamy almond milk, and I stocked up on it thinking he'd never miss milk as part of his diet. But he quickly developed a distaste for the stuff, at which point the Rice Milk was brought in. Soon, though, Rice Milk was scorned, too, and now he won't drink anything but juice. Preferably, "appy joo".

I worry about the effects of constant (albeit watered-down) juice on his teeth, and also about any long-term health impacts of not getting his milk. And then I think that man, these are cows, humans don't need to drink the stuff they produce for their own babies, Nolan will be fine.

But still. I'd like a healthier substitute than juice. Any suggestions from parents of kids with cow's milk allergies?

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