Gwen Stefani "loves breastfeeding"

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Rockstar mom!It seems like there's always some restaurant owner, flight attendant, or department store employee getting their undies in a bunch over public breastfeeding -- so it's nice to see high-profile, celebrity moms like Gwen Stefani leading the charge against those who freak out every time they see a nipple.

While she recently announced that she's done breast-feeding her 15-month-old son, the singer told the Observer in an interview conducted back in April that: "I don't know when I'm going to stop breastfeeding."

In fact, even as she toured the world, Stefani had baby Kingston in tow -- nursing him throughout the night, as, at least at that time, he was "up every three hours to feed."

A first-time mom, running a fashion label and performing for thousands day in and day out -- now that's a rockstar.

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