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My sister is older than me by three and half years. Our relationship has never been stronger as we are both lucky enough to benefit from our father's recent building of a cottage, which we find ourselves at every weekend, including the one just past, an extended one up in our neck of the woods. She has three kids, two boys 11 and seven years old, bookending the nine year old girl in the middle.

Now my sister is one of those super parents, managing to instill a sense of beauty, trust, value and sweetness in all three of her kids, while also shuffling them off to soccer, cross country skiing, piano lessons, saxophone lessons, five-day long canoe trips in the summer, and perfect dental records in the winter. She has a modest household income between her part-time job (helping teenage mothers cope - yes I am also nauseous) and her very supportive husband's government job. They live in a smallish town and are very much involved in community and education related issues.

I have no idea how she does it. I get home from work and watch the couch approach my pear-shaped body at rapid speed. Sure I was blessed with the laziness gene, so I got that going for me, but I do not know where she gets the energy to tote her three kids off to various gymnasiums and/or fields six out of the seven days of the week.

I think my kids are pretty great, they are sweet, they give me Popsicle licks, or bites of their grilled cheese, they attend camps, and the occasional city-run classes involving music or learning about the countries around the world. But compared to my sister, I feel like I am sharing smokes with them as we watch the city go by.

I just got back from seeing her. They had just arrived back from the five-day canoe trip I previously mentioned. They were tanned and glowing with the wonderful stink of Canadian nature and I was totally ashamed that Hudson or Tasman had not yet experienced something like that. I know it's not too late, but I also know that me and my family alone on a camping adventure is a big stretch from the Ipodian personal video recorder life we live now.

How do I keep pace?

Or do I just continue with remote control retrieving course I have both my sons enrolled in now?

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