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When Ellie and I were shopping for bathing suits earlier this summer, I was amazed at what the department stores had to offer. High-cut ad low-cut one piece suits and skimpy bikinis were the norm and I found most of them to be way too revealing for a child. Of course, Ellie liked them. After trying on lots of suits, we eventually found a few that we could both agree on.

While I do think that itsy bitsy bikinis are inappropriate for little girls, I think the folks at Wholesomewear have taken covering up to the extreme. Those photos you see here aren't young girls on the beach wearing cover-ups over their swim suits. Those are the swim suits. They are from Wholesomewear's WaterWear line (say that three times fast) and are basically wetsuits covered by dresses. Touted as "swimwear that "highlights the face rather than the body," these suits leave everything to the imagination. If you are a girl, that is. If you are a guy, feel free to let it all hang out - Wholesomewear doesn't make a suit for you.

I can't imagine these would be very comfortable or easy to swim in. And I am all for covering up, but don't you think this is a bit much. Would you put your daughter in one of these?

If you find the Wholesomewear Website to be slow, that is probably due to a mention from the Queen of all Media, Perez Hilton.

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