Denise Richards wants another piece of Charlie Sheen

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When Denise Richards filed for divorce from Charlie Sheen a few years ago, I felt kind of sorry for her. I don't know if it was ever determined exactly what Sheen did to her, but it must have been pretty bad considering Richards was six months pregnant with their second child when she walked.

I quit feeling sorry for Richards about the time she hooked up with her best friend Heather Locklear's ex, Richie Sambora. I am pretty sure that broke rule number one on the list of best friend etiquette. Not cool. Richards and Sambora have since parted ways and I guess Richards is alone with her two children now. According to Sheen, she would like to be alone with three children and has asked him to donate some sperm to the cause.

Richards denies this, saying she doesn't want another child right now and is happy with two. Interesting that she doesn't say something like 'no way in hell would I have another child with that cheater.' But Sheen says he has proof of her request, telling Entertainment Tonight, "there is a specific document relating to this that I am going to reserve for a court." A court? Is it illegal to ask your ex-husband to father a child with you?

"She can make every claim in the world. But what she stated in something she wrote would completely and totally defy that," Sheen says. You see, the two are still wrangling over custody issues and I guess Sheen feels this gives him some sort of ammunition when he requests unsupervised visitation rights with his children.

Sheen, who is now engaged to to another woman, makes abundantly clear his feelings on being a sperm donor for Richards. "I would sooner, in exactly what I'm wearing, walk on the surface of the moon. Does that answer it?" Yes, it does.

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