Help design enviromental diaper bag

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Fifteen years ago with my first baby, I carried the Peter Rabbit hospital-parting-gift diaper bag until it fell apart. Back then, diaper bags were made up of equal parts of hideousness, vinyl, and poor design.

My, how times have changed! Today's diaper bags are sleek, stylish, and functional. Some are even attractive enough to double as a laptop bag when diapers are but a distant, smelly memory. However, only one bag, details of which are yet to be finalized, will be all these things while not harming the earth in any stage of development or production.

Seventh Generation, Healthy Child Healthy World, and baby style have joined forces in a collaborative partnership to form Wee Generation. Their first order of business: create a 100% sustainable baby bag, but they need your help.

Wee Generation is asking anyone with diaper bag experience (parents, grandparents, care-givers, the childless relative forced to changed the poopy blow-out because "it builds character") to make a wish list of features and options they would consider handy in a diaper bag.

William McDonough, green architect and environmental designer tasked with integrating submitted ideas into the finished product, is clearly excited. "With this initiative, we have a lifetime opportunity to leave a legacy of environmentally-intelligent design and set an example for others of how products in this category can and should be imagined and brought to life."

In addition to sharing their dream diaper bag ideas, visitors to the Wee Generation site can register to win limited-edition versions of the bag and other green prizes; learn the importance of eco-friendly products to a family's health; and follow the development of the bag as it evolves from concept to retail product.

And making a good idea even better, profits from the sale of the finished bag will benefit Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW), the nation's leading children's environmental health and eco-advocacy nonprofit.

Environmentally friendly, developed by parents and experts, and financially beneficial for children's groups sounds like the start of a pretty great diaper bag, just as long as there aren't any cartoon rabbits on it!

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