Identical triplets born in Austria

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1 in 200 million chances. WOW!The odds of triplets aren't exactly high to begin with, and the odds of identical triplets are even more unlikely -- 1 in 200 million, to be exact.

Nevertheless, Zoe, Kim and Amy, three identical baby girls, arrived yesterday -- conceived without fertility treatment by their 25-year-old mother and her partner.

Even though they arrived a few weeks early, the sisters -- all 3.3 pounds, 15.7 inches -- are said to be doing well, and are under close monitoring in the hospital's intensive care unit.

The joy of having a baby must only be multiplied when you're having twins or triplets, but I feel for those parents. The article doesn't say if they already have children, but regardless, 3 newborns in the house is going to be intense.

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