What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?

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My youngest son has a knack for asking the questions his older brothers never got to. Classics like "Why don't we eat fries every Friday?" and "How do babies get in your penis, Mommy?"

He just lost his first tooth which has prompted a question I'd never really thought about.

"What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth?"

I have no idea why the tooth fairy started such a bizarre collection. As a child, I was just thrilled to get money under my pillow for something that was no longer useful to me and never really thought about it.

Internet research was inconclusive. One site said that the tooth fairy uses teeth for her castle, which sounds like a pretty expensive and weak choice for a building material and just raises more questions. Is her builder a dentist? Does she have to power wash the place with toothpaste several times a day? How does she hang pictures on the wall?

Another site said old baby teeth can be seen up in the sky at night, which I found even creepier than the castle story. Somehow "like a diamond in the sky" is more comforting than "like discarded molars in the sky."

So what does this increasingly-crazy-sounding fairy want with kids' teeth?!

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