7-year-old girl chases armed robber

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Apparently, 7-year-old Alisha works at a convenience store in Reidsville, North Carolina. Well, her mother works there and I guess Alisha was just hanging out when a robber came in. She says this robber had a shirt over his face and began to push buttons on the cash register, trying to open it. Now Alisha knows that is not how you act in a convenience store and so she told him to stop it. When he began pushing Alisha's mom, Alisha pushed him back.

Stymied in efforts to rob the store, the bad guy grabbed some cigarettes and ran out the door. But Alisha ran after him, yelling for him to "come back here," while mom called the police. In a heart-stopping moment, the robber turned and pointed the gun at Alisha. She dropped to the ground, but thankfully, he didn't shoot.

Alisha is getting lots of attention for her act of stupidity bravery. She had an appearance on Good Morning America, where she told George Stephanopoulos that the bad guy "...should be locked up by his gills, and towed to the police." True enough, but I think the only smart thing this girl did was hit the floor and hide under her blanket. Her mother agrees. "I told her I was proud of her and she was very brave, but not to run after anyone again," said Alisha's mom.

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