Both ends of the parenting spectrum, and both are pretty darn scary

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These days I find being a mother to be challenging in a way that leaves my every nerve ending frayed by the end of the day. My almost three year-old, Devon, challenges me nearly every minute of the day with the sort of contrary state that only a person that small and adorable can muster up. He wakes up every morning declaring that not only will he eat nothing that is in our kitchen, but he will also not get dressed, not take a bath or cooperate in any manner whatsoever. On the other end of the age bracket I have my fourteen year-old, Loren. He greets most every day with a grunt, a groan and an ongoing tirade of just what exactly is wrong with everything in the universe.

Since it is summer and my kids are all home from their schools, I sometimes find myself scrambling to make them happy, fix their worlds or just stop the complaining. That is until I realize that my job description does not entail fixing their lives while compromising my own sliver of sanity. Once I get a grip on that thought, I am sometimes able to turn the ship around and gently inform the kids that their minor woes are not mine to repair. I inform them that the cereal in the cabinets might not be their favorite but it is there and it is sustenance. I tell them that not only am I not their activity director but they can entertain themselves. Then I leave the room, listen to their grumbles and then I can often hear them problem solving as they get over themselves and function in a decent manner.

Not all moments are difficult but with a pre-schooler and a teenager life is definitely a challenge. I wouldn't trade it for anything but it does keep me on my toes.

Are you kids at a difficult stage? How do you cope?

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