Sarah Jessica Parker likes the smell of her son

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Sarah Jessica Parker no doubt has a vanity loaded with expensive perfumes, including her own Lovely . And she may be a glamorous celebrity, but if you ask her what her favorite scent is these days, she sounds just like a mom. "Not to sound treacly, but it would be how my son's bedroom smells when you walk in," she tells USA Today.

She describes the fragrance of a child as "clean, and it's mixed with their sweat while they're sleeping and the cotton of their blankets and the moisture that's right underneath their hair. But you almost don't want to share it."

Does she mean share it as in bottle it and sell it? She does have a new scent out, Coty's Covet, which hopefully doesn't smell like her 4-year-old son James Wilkie's bedroom. But I do understand what she means about that special aroma of a special child. I'll bet you do, too.


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