Jill Hennessy less worried about having second child

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Jill Hennessy and her husband, Paolo Mastropietro, are expecting their second child in a few months. The Crossing Jordan star is pregnant with a boy who is due in 6 months. The couple's fist child Marco is 4 years-old.

Hennessy says that the second time around is a bit different than the first time. She has kept mum about her pregnancy, waiting to announce the news until she was sure of the baby's health and gender. As far as cravings go, she has not been afflicted with any strange urges. Instead, she says it is the foods that she does not want that are more abnormal than anything. Remembering how the pregnancy and birth process went the first time around, Hennessy is not too worried about the next few months. She knows there will be discomfort, but that the baby will come in the end. Sounds like a pretty level headed mom.


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