Teen overdoses on coffee

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Has the pressure of extra homework, an after-school job, and a demanding social life got your teen started drinking coffee just so they keep can up? You might want to warn them that, even though caffeine seems harmless, too much could put them in the hospital -- with an overdose.

That's exactly what happened to Jasmine Willis, a 17-year-old who accidentally drank 7 espresso shots while working at her family's sandwich shop. Willis thought she was drinking single shots, but became worried when she developed a fever, was having heart palpitations, and began hyperventilating.

While she experienced side effects for days afterward, and is still repulsed by coffee, the good news is that Willis is otherwise fine.

While at first this seems a little shocking, I'm actually surprised it doesn't happen more often. Not only was I was constantly exhausted throughout high school and college, I also worked in a coffee shop as a part-time job -- so I was always drinking something caffeinated. I wonder how many other teens have come close to an overdose -- maybe even felt some of these symptoms -- that we didn't hear about, simply because they never thought to see a doctor.

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