A rough baptism into high school sports

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My oldest son, Loren, has played on a soccer team since he was in preschool. It has never been much of an issue, just a basic part of lives that come fall and spring he had practices and weekend games. In several weeks Loren will begin high school. He also decided that he would go out for the JV soccer team at his new school. I didn't think much about it until over the weekend when I belatedly received the information packet and practice schedule from the coach. Once I got filled in on the details I realized our lives were about to take a drastic turn in the next few months.

Whereas previous seasons in the recreational league required Loren to be at practice 2-3 times per week, high school soccer is something entirely different. Starting yesterday, morning practices begin at 6 a.m. sharp and last until 7:300 a.m. Then there are evening practices beginning at 6 p.m. and lasting for 2 1/2 hours. In the mornings the boys run for over an hour before they even start drills. Try outs will be in another two weeks to determine what positions, if any, the boys will play. After school begins there will be daily practices and games.

Luckily, my son loves being on a team and wearing a uniform. He loves the drills and the excitement of team competition. I am so excited for this new event in his life, but I have to confess that the early mornings and the required driving time of a soccer mom are leaving me feeling less than perky.

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