Rich kids hunt and kill their lower-class counterparts in weird Internet video

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Class WarsEver wonder what it would've been like to attend one of those elite boarding schools, taking class with children of the unimaginably rich?

You'd learn Latin, take advanced courses -- whatever it took to become a world leader. Then, in your free time, you and your high-class friends could have a blast laughing at all the little people whose lives you'll eventually control. Hooray!

At least that's how it works at Glenalmond, an exclusive Scottish boys school where tuition is more than $45,000 per year. Pupils at the school have recently come under scrutiny for a YouTube spoof called "Class Wars," in which some schoolboys on horseback hunt down and shoot their lower-class counterparts. The whole thing was apparently set to classical music.

The video has been removed from YouTube by the user, as whoever posted it is not only "brash, crass and arrogant" (as described by one Scottish politician), but also spineless -- unable to withstand the criticism that followed the video's release.

How fantastic that Scotland's upper crust has such a lively sense of humor.

Bravo, lads. Bravo.


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