Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley sing a duet

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I am a big Elvis Presley fan and have been keeping my eye on his daughter, Lisa Marie, for quite some time. She looks a lot like her dad and has a great voice, but somehow she hasn't managed to hit the big time with her music career. While comparisons to her father are inevitable, Lisa Marie has worked hard to make her mark in the music world on her own.

That's why I was so surprised to hear that she has recorded a duet with her father, who died 30 years ago this month. Through the magic of technology, Lisa Maria will sing the 1969 hit In the Ghetto accompanied by her late father. The video will be released Friday on spinner.com and proceeds from the recording will go to help build temporary housing for the homeless in New Orleans.

Along with the song and video, transcripts of an interview with Lisa Marie will be posted on Friday. In it, she addresses something that has been bugging me for the past week or so. A new Viagra television ad features a bunch of guys sitting around singing about how happy they are to be having sex again - to the tune of Elvis' Viva Las Vegas. It's bad enough I have to be bombarded with so many commercials about erectile dysfunction, but did they have to bring Elvis into it? I just couldn't believe that Lisa Maria had allowed that to happen. It turns out, she didn't. She says she finds it "revolting" and says "Some songs we have no control over. I know we didn't license that one." Well, that makes me feel a little better. I guess.

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