Where can you find maternity bras for the buxom set?

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Growing up (and older) with teeny little A cups, I always looked forward to pregnant breasts. Filling out a C cup was a good day in our house. When my milk came in after giving birth to Nate, my sister watched me apply warm compresses to my new Ds with amazement. "You look like you got implants!"

I got a call from a younger, more-endowed friend last week. She's following closely behind me in pregnancy -- 32 weeks to my 38. She was complaining about her breasts, which are renowned in our circle of friends, mostly due to their contrast with her petite frame. Before I knew it, something made me decide to put an end to the mystery and I was asking her how big they had gotten.

"Let me see now... the last bra I was able to buy was a 32 J."

A, B, C, D... HOLY CRAP!

My mom is a 38 G, so I know all about big boobs, though only from wearing her giant bra cup on my head like a hat. I know that anyone who lives in Toronto and has a stacked rack goes to Sophia's. Sophia, the boob doyenne, knows an F from a G just by looking, then she cops a feel to make sure.

"But Sophia says she can't find me anymore bras. I am spilling out of the J and I don't know what I will do when my milk comes in!"

I remembered writing a post here about La Leche League maternity and nursing bras. I got a lot of complaints from busty women who noted that the LLC bras did not go up very high. So now I turn to you readers. Where can my adorable friend get a bra that fits her?

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