Why you shouldn't lie about your mom being dead

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When that big test rolls around and you haven't studied, or you just can't face another day at the office, it's tempting to make up an excuse so you can take the day off. And when being "sick" just won't cut it, the next best thing is to claim some important family member died -- because no one will ever question that...right?

Probably not -- unless that "dead" family member shows up at the office. Then you'll have some explaining to do.

That's what happened to Florin Radu Hretu, a 27-year-old Romanian man, who not only claimed his mother had died, but also asked his boss for $300 to cover funeral expenses. I can only imagine how stupid he felt when mom decided to pay a surprise visit to the office just moments later.

Mom: Hi honey! Just thought I'd stop by and take you out to lunch!
Florin: Uh... Oh my God! YOU'RE ALIVE!
Florin's Boss: Oh my God. You're fired.

And, as icing on the cake, the young man is also being investigated by police on fraud charges. Oops.


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