Red Robin Gourmet Burger Kids' Recipe Contest

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Ellie has recently become interested in cooking shows. She watches them at her friend's house - apparently mesmerized by the chopping, stirring and probably the eating. At home, she likes to whip up inedible concoctions, choosing ingredients based mostly on their color. Just a few days ago, she made a 'pizza' with flour, water, red food coloring and grass. She told me the grass was supposed to be rosemary. While I don't think Ellie is ready for the big time when it comes to cooking, I know some kids really have a knack for it.

Those kids should consider entering Red Robin's "The Next Gourmet Burger Kids' Recipe Contest. Children ages six through 12 are invited to submit an original gourmet burger recipe and a 100-word statement about why their burger is the best and should be chosen as America's next gourmet burger. The winning burger will be featured in Red Robin restaurants next summer. That's pretty cool.

Red Robin did this last year and had some interesting submissions, including fried pickles, gummy worms and chocolate burgers. In the end, they chose 10-year-old Adrianna Montgomery's Spicy Asian Burger as the winner.

The winning recipe, along with 50 others, will be included in a cookbook with proceeds going to benefit the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The contest began August 13 and continues until September 16. Visit the Red Robin website for all the contest details.


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