Gwen Stefani in a race to have another baby

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Gwen Stefani appears to be one of those women who has just about everything going foe her. She has long been a member of an ultra cool rock band, she married an ultra cool rock band singer, she has a fabulous clothing line, she has a fabulous solo singing career, she has style, a gorgeous clothing line and a beautiful baby boy. At 37, she has accomplished more, and done it with a gracious style, than many people accomplish in their entire lifetime. So what's her newest goal? She wants to have more babies. Fast.

Apparently, Stefani is in "race' to have more babies. The singer says she is absolutely smitten with her 1 year-old son, Kingston. according to her, young Kingston is ultra fun and she would rather spend time with him than anybody else. An added plus, he loves hanging out with her. Sounds like Stefani is loving motherhood with the enthusiasm that has marked her career. No doubt she will accomplish her goal of breeding more kids and she will likely do it with style.


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