Brooke Shields Feels Like the 'Odd Mom Out'

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I have always admired Brooke Shields. Besides being gorgeous and smart, she's managed to navigate the rocky road of stardom without turning into a tabloid joke. Tom Cruise might disagree, but I think she was blessed with a common sense that seems to be lacking in many celebrities.

Comparing her own stage mother to those of today's tabloid princesses, she tells Redbook in the September issue, "People used to say my mom used me as a commodity. But you know what? She did her own version of dysfunctional behavior, sure, but nothing like you see these days." Classy as ever, she doesn't mention any names, but admits she has no advice for young, out-of-control Hollywood starlets, saying "I don't want to say anything to them. I want to talk to their mothers."

At 42, she's a mother herself to two daughters -- Rowan, 4, and Grier, who turned 1 in May -- and clearly takes her job as a parent seriously. "I always feel like the odd mom out, because trust me when I tell you I'm on my girls. And every time I am, I know from the outside it looks like I'm an overbearing, controlling parents. But I don't think we have any responsibility to anybody else but our kids and ourselves." Amen to that.

Something tells me we won't be seeing Rowan and Grier in a future "girls behaving badly' special on VH1.

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