Rudy Giuliani to voters: "leave my family alone"

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Rudy Giuliani wants voters to judge him based on his performance, not on what his family thinks about him. When asked how he could "expect the loyal following of Americans when you are not getting it within your own family, " the Republican presidential hopeful made it clear that he's had enough with the family talk.

"I love my family very, very much, and I would do anything for them. The best thing I can say is, kind of, to leave my family alone, you know, just like I'll leave your family alone," Guiliani said. "If you want to judge me or I want to judge you, we'll judge each other on our public performance. I don't know your private life. You don't know my private life."

Except we do know his private life. Giuliani has two adult children with his second wife, Donna Hanover. His son Andrew admits he and his father are estranged, choosing to play golf this summer rather than campaign for dad. His daughter Caroline had reportedly posted support for Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama on her MySpace profile, although that post has since been removed.

I can understand why his kids might be less than pleased with him - he famously cheated on their mother with his current wife, Judith Nathan. And it's too late to pretend we don't know his private life. The question is, does it matter?

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