Teen bride sues parents for her stuff, loses

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When their 16-year-old daughter decided she was getting married to her 40-year-old track coach, Dennis and Betty Hagar figured they'd fight back by keeping all her stuff.

But the girl and her new hubby decided they couldn't live without some of her favorite things -- like her Beanie baby collection and her PlayStation (both of which are totally important when you're starting a new life as an adult, like, for sure). So, the new couple decided to take Dennis and Betty to court.

As you might suspect, Windy Wuchae's case against her parents was dismissed by a county magistrate, meaning the teen will just have to live without her childhood playthings.

The silliest part of all this, is that the total value of everything Windy was suing for was just over $1,000 -- which, unless they tried to file the case without a lawyer, is probably far less than it cost to take legal action.

That said, there's no accounting for the sentimental value of video games.

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