'Hurricane girl' tries to ride bike to Ohio

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I remember getting mad at my parents when I was young and threatening to run away on my bike to California. I knew biking it from Texas to California would be a tough trip, but I totally thought it was doable. Somehow, I never worked up the nerve to actually set off on this trek, but I can understand the thinking behind Heather Snoke's plan to ride her bike from Florida to Ohio.

Unlike me, 8-year-old Heather wasn't just blowing smoke when she decided to ride her bike from her new home in DeLand, Florida back to her old home in Columbus, Ohio. I don't now how far she got, but once her parents realized she was missing, an all-out search involving a helicopter, search dogs and neighbors ensued. After about an hour, she was located, telling investigators "that she was headed back to Columbus Ohio, because she was afraid of hurricanes and that was her home."

Poor thing. Can you imagine the grief she is going to get about this the for rest of her life? Every family gathering will include a telling of the story about the time Heather tried to ride her bike to Ohio. Everyone will laugh, but deep down, Heather will know that if they had just left her alone, she would have made it.

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