NJ preemie going home!

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Well, the tears in my eyes today are not of sadness, but of joy. This is a beautiful story you may have been following since this past April. On April 25th (via C-section), little--and I mean little, as in she weighed less than a soda can!--Tamera Dixon made her debut.

The only issue with her arrival was that the pretty little gal--and I mean little, as in she was only ten inches long!--was welcomed into the world fifteen weeks early. She's an absolute miracle of love, life, dedication and--yeah--science.

Her parents must be the happiest people on earth right about now, as wee Tamera has spent her life so far in an incubator. Now she's set to return home with mommy and daddy and two proud brothers where I'm pretty sure, based on her picture (see the story), she will reign as the most adorable baby in the world.

At least in New Jersey. And she'll not only have that honor, but the record as possibly the tiniest baby ever born in New Jersey as well. When Tamera was born she weighed eleven ounces.

Now she weighs over four pounds and is apparently a little ball of baby energy. Seriously, you have to check out the picture that goes with this article. That's one cute little baby!!!

Congratulations to the whole family!!!

Cute pic of big and small by Goldberg.

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