Father of 78 wants 100 kids by 2015

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As much as I like to joke about how looking after a large family would drive me insane, I secretly fantasize about having more kids. I think it'd be a blast to spend my days chasing after multiple rug rats.

But I'm not sure I could handle 78. That's how many children Daad Mohammed Murad Abdul Rahman has with 15 wives (and ex wives -- local law says he can only have four wives at a time, so he has to keep divorcing the old ones to continue marrying).

And he's not done. Abdul Rahman says he's on the lookout for new brides -- women with whom he plans to father an addition 22 children, bringing him to the grand total of 100. The 60-year-old figures it'll take another three wives, and eight years to make that dream a reality.

The enormous family apparently lives in 15 houses, supported partially by their father's military pension and with money from the local government.

I'm not sure I agree with Mr. Abdul Rahman's century scheme, but I can't help but wish him luck in achieving it.

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