Poll shows kids just happy to spend time with family

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For many of us with teen age or young adult children, we often fear that our growing children would rather do anything than spend time with us. I have talked to some parents who believe their teens prefer video games or movies to time spent with the family. However, according to a recent poll this is not quite the case. In a recent survey conducted by MTV and The Associated Press, nearly 1,300 young people, ages 13 to 24, replied to 100 questions regarding their personal happiness. The results were rather surprising. It wasn't the things or activities that made this demographic happy, it was the family time. A close second to family time was spending time with friends or significant others.

This survey is a relief to many of us with teenagers. It is sometimes easy to believe that with this age comes the cold, hard fact that we are no longer needed in our children's lives. Do you have a teen? If so, does he/she enjoy family time?


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