A bike seat that puts your child first

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San Francisco is a city of many contradictions. Despite its reputation for traffic congestion, well-known lack of parking, and famous bridges and highways, a lot of people get by just fine without owning a car. Many simply walk or use public transit and a lot get around by pedal power. Our weather is generally mild, making year-round biking a definite possibility.

Every Saturday, there are quite a few bikes with child seats and trailers parked outside the gym where Jared and Sara take acrobatics classes. One set up caught my eye, being quite different from all the rest. The WeeRide Centric carrier positions a child in front of the adult rider instead of behind them, over the rear wheel.

Last weekend, I happened to run into the bike's owner and asked him about it. He said he loved it because it let him talk and sing with his daughter while they rode along. It made a bike ride into a shared experience, rather than an isolated one. He compared it to a more traditional, rear mounted child-seat rather succinctly, saying it was like "the difference between a Baby Bjorn and a backpack." Having carried my kids in both types of carriers, I totally get that analogy.

Unfortunately, my kids are both a little too big for me to invest in one of these, but I think if they were smaller, I would definitely go this route.

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