Can't we all just get along?

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I never intended for this to happen, but pets now outnumber people in my house. It started out sensibly enough. About a year before I met my husband, I found myself suddenly and sadly without a cat for the first time in my life. After an appropriate grieving period for my beloved Howie, I got a feisty little kitten I named Rusty. Well, Rusty needed a friend, so about a year later, I rescued Bonita from the cat shelter and brought her into the family. Fast forward to last year, when I decided Ellie needed a pet she wasn't allergic to. Enter Daisy, the crazy Bichon Frisé puppy. It took a little while, but eventually Daisy realized the cats weren't interested in being her friend and they mostly ignore each other now.

And then came Annie. The tiny, abandoned kitten, found wandering lost and alone in a field near my house. How could I not? I did and that is when I upset the delicate balance of the pet universe. Daisy likes Annie very much and the two of them are best buds. Rusty, secure in his position as Number One Cat, pretty much ignores Annie. But Bonita wants Annie dead and is determined to do the job herself. She has made several attempts to literally rip the guts out this poor little kitten, stopping only when I intervened. Bonita is now banned from the house and spends her days giving Annie the evil eye though the window.

I am holding out hope that when Annie gets a little bigger, she and Bonita will work it out and one of them will emerge as the top cat. But my husband thinks they will always fight and one or both will get hurt. He wants me to find another home for Bonita, but Ellie says that would be like giving away a member of the family. And I agree. I don't want either one to suffer, but isn't it possible that time will fix this problem?

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