Endings and beginnings

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It seems like just last week I wrote about Ellie's last day of kindergarten. We were both so sad that day, crying together in the back seat of my car. Next week, she starts first grade at a new school - and this time I am the only one who is feeling sad.

We went back-to-school shopping yesterday and in the time it took to pick out a book bag, she seemed to grow up a little. She walked next to me in the mall, but didn't hold my hand. She rolled her eyes when I suggested a cute Disney Princess backpack. She begged for leopard print high-heeled clogs (no), a long blond hair-piece (no) and a sparkly black and gold backpack (sigh...okay).

She wore the empty backpack through the mall, walking so tall with a confident stride that I hadn't seen before. When we got back out to the car, it was clear a storm had blown through. The ground was damp and the air was cooler - the beginning of the end of summer. I am excited for Ellie and so proud of the person she is becoming. But before I settle in to another school year, I think I am going to need a good cry first.


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