Japanese arcade game breaks players' arms

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Arm Spirit gameI never hung out in arcades as a kid. They always seemed alluring, however -- like pool halls, late-night bowling alleys, and other cramped, dingy places designed to let people kill time compulsively. And I'm sure if I'd heard that there was a video game inside capable of breaking people's arms, it would've only added to the arcade's strange mystique.

It sounds almost ridiculous, but that's apparently what's been happening with Arm Spirit arm wrestling games in Japanese arcades. Three different players have reported that the game broke their arms, and there's telling how many others that have suffered milder injuries.

Apparently the game isn't that strong, leading to speculation that those with broken arms had merely injured themselves. Nevertheless, all Arm Spirits are now being recalled (a move the manufacturer calls "a precaution").

I wonder how long it'll be before we start seeing lawsuits in response to these gaming-related injuries -- like players suing Nintendo after developing Tennis Elbow from too much Wii sports. Something tells me it's not that far off.

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