Kiera Knightley worries about kids wanting to be famous

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Keira Knightley is hands down one of the most beautiful up and coming stars in the celebrity world right now. She is willowy, graceful and talented. It appears as though she has the world in her palm and not a worry on her horizon. However, she does have some concerns regarding young children. Fame and the desire for money.

Knightley worries when she meets children and they tell her that they want to be rich and famous. The star does not understand that desire. She is concerned about the pressures put on young people when it comes to body image, so much so that she sued and won a case against a tabloid that published stories about her supposed eating disorder. She also worries about the youthful obsession with money.

While I can appreciate Knightley's concerns for young children, I just have to wonder what it is that drove her to be an international star. Sure, she can say that the money and fame are not everything they seem to be now that she is at the top of her game. But the drive for so many other young people is likely what fueled her efforts to rise to the top.


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