Entering Kindergarten -- The saga concludes

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I suppose it's time I gave an update on what's happened with Jared's schooling, given that he starts kindergarten next week. If you missed the beginning of this saga, you can go back to the beginning, and the follow-ups (here, here, and here), but, basically, we wanted Jared to go to the school just a stone's throw from our house. San Francisco, doesn't work that way, however. We had to list seven schools and then hope we were assigned to one of them in a giant educational lottery.

Jared ended up being placed at our second choice, a school highly recommended by one of the other parents (a teacher no less) from his preschool. The problem was, it's not really near where we live. So we appealed, and asked to be put on the waiting list for the school just down the street. Meanwhile, we had to figure out who was going to watch the kids when they weren't in school, since my sister-in-law decided she wanted to get a regular, daytime job. Then, everything started to fall into place.

Our appeal was denied, of course, but it turns out that's okay. You see, five of Jared's schoolmates from preschool are going to the same school, including the daughter of the teacher who recommended it to us. One of the other five is the daughter of a woman Rachel has known since junior high school. She is a stay-at-home mom and offered to watch our kids for us. Actually, no less than three parents offered to watch the kids so that we could make it work at that school. I guess Jared is pretty well liked.

This mom lives near the school -- walking distance, albeit a good walk -- so there's no problem with driving. Of the six kids from Jared's preschool, three (including Jared) have parents who are teachers; all of the parents, however, are very involved. That's a huge benefit in my book. To have a large, cohesive group of involved parents is a good thing -- they (we) will do a lot of good for the school. Plus, there are already a lot of very involved parents; there is a very strong PTA.

So all in all, it worked out pretty darn good, if you ask me. As the Rolling Stones sang, "You can't always get what you want / But if you try sometimes you might find / You get what you need."


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