Rumer Willis on avoiding the pitfalls of stardom

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Navigating the road to stardom can't be easy for a young person, but give Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Rumer credit for trying to stay on the straight and narrow. After getting caught up in a drug bust in a hotel room last month in Maryland, she seems to be learning from her mistakes. "Honestly, it's been kind of making mistakes and figuring them out and having a lot of really great people as my mentors," Willis tells Access Hollywood.

She doesn't name any names, but I think we all know who the 19-year-old is referring to when she says, "I see a lot of situations that seem to me to be lacking of a self-respect and a self-value where girls get drunk and they just kind of fall over each other."

I would think the most difficult thing about being a celebrity would be reading all the awful things people write about you - whether they are true or not. Asked if she reads celebrity blogs, she says "I try not to. I used to a lot and it was really hurtful."

Here's to hoping Rumer Willis really can keep it together and avoid the pitfalls of being young, rich and famous. Franky, if Bruce Willis were my dad, I would be a good kid, too.

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