Bridget and Tom and Gisele: It's a boy!

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Actress Bridget Moynahan, best known playing Natasha, the gorgeous socialite who kept Mr. Big from Carrie on Sex and the City (and married him! ACK!), gave birth to her son with football star Tom Brady, current boyfriend (and possible fiance) of model, Gisele Bündchen.

Moynahan announced her pregnancy well after her relationship with Brady had ended and he had started seeing Bündchen.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Tom was sighted at the Santa Monica hospital bearing flowers, but there has been no word whether Bündchen was in attendance or has met the new baby.

If she was there, I wonder if there was an awkward moment at the hospital like on SaTC when Natasha fell and broke her nose after catching Carrie in the affair with Big? The visual of the hospital door continually opening and closing while Carrie awkwardly and guiltily waited for Big to arrive and care for his broken and wounded wife was a poignant and compelling image.

Hopefully real life will work out better for this newly created family. Because whether they like it or not, everyone involved will be forever linked to each other through this tiny baby boy. Congratulations, everyone!

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