'Performance Bibs' keep drool at bay

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Performance BibsWhen my daughter was first born, I loved everything she did. She'd drool or spit up all over herself, me, and anything within a 5-foot radius of where we were standing, and I'd think: "Awww! That's adorable! I love my new drooling baby!"

This wore off of course, and I soon began to feel like one of the Ghostbusters, constantly collecting gooey ectoplasm from my daughter's drool-soaked clothing.

If only we'd had a Performance Bib. Instead of the cloth bib that you use when you're child is eating, this garment is instead shaped like clothing, and is meant to be worn for hours at a time. Plus, the Performance Bib's "stay-put styling" keeps it in place so it can't move around or get yanked off. Meaning, you can make it through the day with fewer changes, less laundry, and a dryer baby -- awesome!

And it's worth mentioning that the styles are uber-cute. So cute, in fact, that I can't imagine it'll be long before we start seeing these on Shiloh, or Nicole Richie's impending little one.

The bibs will be available to purchase online starting October 1st, and I'm sure if you got in contact with Baby Chaleco (the company that created the Performance Bib), they'll be happy to send you a little reminder when their product goes on sale.


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