Tossed sausage lands boy in court

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Occasionally kids do silly things -- like tossing sausages at the elderly. Not exactly model behavior, but is it really a legal matter?

It is for one British 12-year-old. His mom describes the charges against him as "a joke," but the 74-year-old "victim" of the cocktail sausage attack reported the incident to police, so they're required by law to pursue the case. It's possible that, in a worst-case scenario, the little rabble rouser could be hauled off to prison, but the judge involved seems like a level-headed guy, so I doubt junior will be incarcerated any time soon.

It sounds like a mess, but before you feel too sorry for the mischievous pre-teen, it's worth noting that he'd already been issued warnings on three separate occasions (presumably for similar behavior) -- so he isn't exactly an angel.

This doesn't, however, change the fact that it's ridiculous to prosecute a boy for throwing food.

Let's hope that 74-year-old feels like he finally got revenge on those disrespectful, no-good, pesky kids!

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