Get college credit for loading the dishwasher (but only if you're a girl)

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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, is offering a B.A. degree in humanities with a concentration in homemaking. The course, which will include two years each of classical Greek and classical Latin, as well as courses in fashion design and budgeting, will be open only to women.

Evangelical Christians believe that the decline of the traditional family--a Dad who works, a Mom who cooks, and kids who behave--is the direct cause of many of America's social woes. Giving women the tools to be good homemakers, they argue, is a step in the right direction. The president of Southwestern Baptist argues that, "It is the basic unit to all social order ... It is a course of study whereby a woman can prepare herself intellectually and in her basic skills to be a better homemaker."


I don't really know how I feel about this, honestly. On the one hand, I could totally use a class in How To Clean The Bathroom (seriously, the mold in the grout? is there some trick for getting that out?) and I could probably stand a couple of cooking classes. And yes, it would appear that Americans in general might need a refresher course on budgeting and responsible use of credit. But I'm uncomfortable with the idea that only women need to know these things. Don't men participate in the family economy? Is the rise in the divorce rate really the result of Daddy cooking dinner once in a while?

What do you think--are homemaking courses a step back in time? Or are there some valuable skills out there that we are losing? Should homemaking courses (and the material taught in them) be limited to women?

And how do I get the mold out of that grout?

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