New Car Seat echoes the dot com boom

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Remember back when all you had to do to make a gazillion dollars was to add "dot com" to the end of something? Yeah, those were the days. If you had an internet start-up and wanted to be taken seriously, one of the things you absolutely had to have was a whole mess of Herman Miller Aeron chairs in your office. Heck, it seemed like if you wanted to get investors to dump millions into your company, Aeron chairs were more important than a business plan or even a product.

Well now your junior executives can have their own "tot com" boom. When we were looking at seats for Sara last weekend, I was amazed to see a new booster seat from Graco that featured the same type of mesh fabric for the seat as the Aeron chairs. According to the Graco website, "the AirBooster has a patented FLEX-Comfort suspension seat with flexible micro-adjustable material that adapts to your child's weight and size, reducing pressure points and providing an exact fit every time."

Hopefully, this won't become a necessity for being dropped off at kindergarten in order to be considered one of the cool kids. Although, it does seem pretty spiffy. Which reminds me, I wonder what those Aeron chairs are selling for on eBay?

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