Nicole Richie: first comes baby, then comes marriage

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Nicole Richie is in no hurry to make her union with Joel Madden legal because she has a few things to attend to first - like serving jail time for her DUI and having a baby.

She can check jail time off her list now, having been released from Century Regional Detention Facility yesterday. She had been sentenced to four days for a DUI conviction, but ended up serving only 82 minutes behind bars. That's not a sentence, that's a visit. And I'll bet Paris Hilton is all like mad and stuff.

As far as waiting until after the baby is born wed, the a source tells E!Online that there are a few reasons behind that thinking. "She said she doesn't want the baby to one day grow up and think she and Joel rushed to get married just because she got pregnant." Nicole also wants to look good in a wedding dress, not all big and fat. Never thought I'd say 'big and fat' and 'Nicole' in the same sentence, but there it is.

I guess I understand her feelings about getting married while pregnant, but I think she looks better pregnant than not. And I am all for taking your time before committing a lifetime to someone, but it seems to me that ship sailed the day her pregnancy test came back positive.

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