Make your school board listen by throwing grapes at them

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Whenever I talk to older friends about their dealings with the school board, I get more or less the same response: "It's tough." And really, that's not surprising -- what are the odds that a handful of people, with incredibly limited resources, who are required to come to a consensus, are going to make decisions that any one person agrees with?

But the frustration got to be too much for Agnes Hitchcock. After her school board voted to close 34 Detroit city schools, the concerned citizen attacked them all with grapes.

Police eventually removed Hitchcock from the auditorium, and she was later convicted of disturbing the peace, fined $250, and sentenced to unsupervised probation.

However, the fruit-throwing activist says it was all worth it, because she was subsequently able to talk to a judge about mismanagement in the school district.

I suppose that's one way to get your voice heard.

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