Paul McCartney and Heather Mills getting back together?

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Some say Paul McCartney is so frugal that he would reconcile with estranged wife Heather Mills in order to save the $70 million or so he'll lose should they divorce. While that sounds far-fetched, the idea that those two might actually get back together isn't. At least according to those at the Daily Mail, who say that lately there have been signs of a thaw in the icy relationship between the warring exes.

Crediting the couple's three-year-old daughter Bea with prompting this turnabout, an 'impeccably placed source' says, "The bond which has brought them back together is their little girl. In the heat of the moment, a lot of hurtful things were said and done, but one thing Paul can't ignore is that Heather's a fantastic mum and Bea completely adores her."

According to this source, Paul feels bad about the way he handled the breakup, especially the part where he refused to continue to pay for Heather's personal security. "Paul now realizes he acted petulantly and foolishly, and that taking away the security put Bea at risk, too," says an old friend.

For her part, the source says that Heather is telling friends that she thinks Paul wants her back. She's been keeping a low profile lately and has even 'gone country', purchasing some rural property close to Paul's Peasmarsh estate - although she detested living in the sticks during their marriage.

I am a huge Paul McCartney fan and have been following the divorce drama from the beginning. I don't see a reconciliation happening, but I've been wrong before. Do you think these two could work it out, or should they just let it be?

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