Starting kindergarten -- the anticipation

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"I'm gonna go to kindergarten tomorrow." Tomorrow, Jared starts kindergarten at his new school. It's a big deal, although he seems pretty laid back about it all. In reality, it's his mom that is the most nervous, anxious, and concerned. And a bit sad, too, I think. Her baby is, as the cliche goes, growing up. I sat down with Jared for a moment to talk to him about it.

He thinks his classroom is "really good," and explained "cause Friday when I... I found a lot of toys. In my school." He went on to add "there was a car in the kitchen with the Barbie stuff." As for the schoolyard, "it was fun. There were these circles that we ran around outside. It had two paths, two lanes. I liked the flag pole"

Over all, I think he's going to be fine. When I asked him how he felt about going to school, he said "I'm excited and happy about school. I'm gonna do my homework there." To Jared, any sort of schoolwork is "homework." He's also excited about bringing his lunch. "I'm going to bring my Lightning McQueen backpack," he said. His friends from preschool "will love it. It's gonna be cool. My backpack is way too cool. I love it."

As for what he's going to do in school, he said "ABC's. I'm gonna try and sing 'em. When I hop on each block, I'm gonna sing each letter. On the rug." He practiced that on Friday when we were there. He liked his teacher too: "She was a lot nice."

I think having gone to preschool for two years makes a big difference in how he feels about entering kindergarten. He knows school is fun and is totally looking forward to it -- I wish I had taken a picture of the huge grin on his face when I first asked him about school. His response was an enthusiastic "really good!" And that, my friends, is how school should be.

The picture, by the way, is Jared on his very first day of preschool.

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