The hidden dangers of lip-balm addiction

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At the risk of posting a fear mongering article based on fluff science, I feel it is my duty to warn you about the dangers of lip-balm addiction. If you, like me, find yourself constantly reapplying moisturizing balm to your lips, you may be addicted.

It's very dry where I live and Ellie and I both find that our lips are often chapped, sometimes to the point of cracking. We have those little tubes of balm stashed all over - in the house, my purse and in the car. Ellie even keeps one in the cup-holder of her car seat. I never gave it much thought until I read this article.

According to Dr. Lisa Garner, a dermatologist at Baylor Medical Center, lip balm addiction can be difficult to overcome. "For many people, it is quite difficult for them to stop using lip balm because they've become so used to their lips having more moisture content than they had in the past," she says.

For most of us, this lip balm addiction is harmless. But for those who develop allergies to the ingredients in lip balm, the addiction can cause problems. "On occasion, you may develop an irritation or sensitivity to one of the ingredients that may make your lips feel dry, because you're actually having a reaction to the lip balm," Garner said.

No need to panic, even those who are allergic can often find a lip balm that doesn't irritate. Look for unflavored or unscented balms. And remember, experts say there is very little difference in the cheap brands and the more expensive. No need to go broke feeding your habit.


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