Prepping for baby's first day at daycare

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So this morning I dropped the wee one off at daycare. Daddy and I strolled him the fifteen minute walk down to the daycare center and hung out while he became acclimated to his new surroundings. It was good that all of us arrived early as there was only one other child there and we essentially had the undivided attention of the care provider.

Well, actually, we didn't get there early by our standards. We'd intended to arrive before our 8:00 AM arrival time in order to fill out extra paperwork and ask all our questions. You know how that goes though--er, went. Last night I'd even pre-packed everything my baby would need for his first day: two changes of clothes, two crib sheets and two blankets, many bibs (he's totally teething), diapers and wipes for the week, diaper rash cream just in case, woobies just in case, three bottles and various bottle parts and three frozen bags of breastmilk.

Each bag of breastmilk needed to be properly labeled with time date and baby's name. These then had to go in another, separate bag at the last minute in which I then placed ice packs.

Everything was supposed to be labeled, but when it came down to it I didn't realize how I was supposed to label everything. My husband in a bout of zealousness cut the tags off nearly everything the baby owns, so there was no way to properly label anything with our initials. Even if the tags had been there I'm not sure if a sharpie was in order or just regular pen. Both seem to have pros and cons. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, please do not suggest I sew labels into everything. That is a great idea and works for many, but I am the least talented seamstress I've ever seen, not to mention I'd have to come up with everything one needs to carry out such a feat. Seriously, I am terrible. I can't even sew a stitch. I'm pretty handy with a crochet needle, but sewing is not my thing.

And we have seemingly little time to do any project these days, so something like that would surely fall by the wayside.

As for labeling the bottles, since we sterilize them in an Avent sterilizer which goes in the microwave (very handy), I didn't think it would be wise to use a sharpie directly on the bottles or even on labels. The labels, I figured, would also peel off from the heat and humidity of the sterilizer. Any thoughts on this?

Somehow we managed to get everything loaded up onto the new stroller--more on that later, but let's just say it's lighter and slimmer and totally rocks--and out the door at 8:05 AM, not bad for someone who was about to have a nervous breakdown over leaving her baby in the company of strangers. Albeit, they were really nice strangers who wouldn't be so new at the end of the day, but I can assure you I was using the packing and organizing as a way to avoid dealing with my sadness and anxiety.

Luckily the daycare center did everything in its power to make our transition a smooth one. They're very organized there and provided labels for everything. They also already had a cubby set up for the baby as well as a crib with his name on it. We even had mail in our little mini-mailbox for parents.

They also provided a list of what and how much of everything we'd need to bring in. Without that list there is no way I would've had the piece of mind to be able to get everything together. I felt like Mercer was going to France rather than to 5th Avenue!

Of course getting the baby to daycare is one thing; leaving him there is another.

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