Slogan T-shirts are not just for teens anymore

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There is a whole new generation of slogan t-shirt people out there. No, I am not talking about toddlers. I am talking about moms. Today's mothers are buying and wearing slogan T's by the handful.

These T's are not cutesy shirts with happy bunnies or dancing cows, nor are they emblazoned with sex drugs and rock 'n roll. Today's moms, mostly the Generation X and Y group, are donning T's with clever sayings that embrace their love of motherhood while taking on a clever and humorous acceptance of the mother role. Sayings such as "I need a play date" or "Mom is not my real name" are gracing the front sides of mothers everywhere.

Mothers who love the T's claim the shirts make them laugh while in the trenches of diapers and carpools, while reminding them exactly how important their role is. I have long been watching these shirts and getting a kick out of many of them. I don't personally own any but it might be time to join the trend and buy one. What about you, what does your shirt say?


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